June 15, 2024

Rolex Air King Replica donates a prototype Spitfire Timezoner from its Rolex Air King Replica Collection to the Covid-19 Solidarity auction

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Christoph Grainger Herr, CEO, says, "If there is one thing we can learn from Covid-19 it is that the major challenges of our connected and globalized world cannot be overcome by collaboration, ingenuity, and respect for one another." This is also the reason behind the 'Silver Spitfire-The Longest Flight' project, which was Rolex Air King fake co-created with Boultbee Flight Academy pilots Matt Jones, and Steve Brooks. The goal of the project was to demilitarize an iconic aviation aircraft, highlight its stunning silhouette, and travel the globe to bring people from all backgrounds together through a shared passion for beauty engineering adventure.

"I'm very happy to support Revolution x The Rake Covid Solidarity with this absolutely original prototype of Rolex Air King Replica Spitfire Timezoner. It is the perfect watch for globetrotting, and I wore it at both the departureFranck Muller replica watches as well as the successful arrival of Silver Spitfire at Goodwood."

Find out more about the watch, and the Silver Spiltfire here.

Matt Jones, pilot of the flight, will wear part of the gear to accompany the watch.

Christoph Grainger Herr, CEO of Rolex Air King Replica Schaffhausen,Rolex Air King Replica wearing the exact same prototype as the Silver Spitfire signing event

Around the World in the #SilverSpitfire With Rolex Air King Replica Schaffhausen by Wei Koh

Revolution celebrates the launch of the Silver Spitfire, The Longest Flight expedition flight around all of the world. Supported by Rolex Air King Replica Schaffhausen.

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